Which sleeping habits from other countries would you adopt at home?

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Do you like to get to bed early, or do you prefer an afternoon nap? Everyone has their own way of dealing with sleep. But people abroad also have different sleeping habits to us. Therefore, the way we sleep is not only determined individually, but also culturally. In this article, we list the most striking sleeping habits from abroad.


1) England 

Putting on your favourite pyjamas and crawling under the sheets… For us, there’s no better feeling. However, there are also many people who prefer to sleep naked. If that's you, then England is the place to be! Nowhere else in the world is there as much nude sleeping as in the UK. This isn’t surprising at all, since sleeping naked has several advantages. You can regulate your body temperature more easily and you are closer with your partner, so a win-win situation.


2) Australia 

You have probably heard of cohabiting, but co-sleeping is also a real success in some cultures. The Aborigines in Australia love to sleep in groups. They lie down in long rows, with the women and children sleeping in the middle. The men lie at the end of this mass bed to protect them.


3) Japan 

We have already given you tips for the perfect power nap, but what if you could have a power nap at the office? In Japan, taking a nap in between work is not frowned upon. There, they see fatigue as a sign that you are a hard worker. However, the fatigue of the Japanese could also be caused by their lack of sleep. They are the world's number one when it comes to getting the least amount of sleep. On average, they sleep only 6 hours and 22 minutes a night. 


4) Spain 

The best-known example of a different sleeping habit is the Spanish siesta. The difference between a siesta and a power nap is in the time. On average, a power nap lasts for 20 to 30 minutes, while a siesta can last several hours. The siesta doesn’t just happen in Spain, but also in other warm European countries and tropical countries outside of Europe. Around noon, workers return home and shops close. At the hottest part of the day, people take a nap and then go back to work.


5) Botswana 

Sleeping when you're tired: this isn’t a thing here. In Botswana, it is customary to lie down and sleep for a couple of hours whenever you want, whether at night or in the middle of the day. The Botswana inhabitants do not sleep 8 hours per night. The advantage of this sleeping habit? You deal with your sleep in a light-hearted way and, therefore, never stress about sleep deprivation.


6) Indonesia 

Speaking of stress… In Bali, they deal with stress by going to sleep. Research has shown that falling into a deep sleep reduces or even eliminates stress. That may sound strange if you've ever been overthinking and were unable to fall asleep due to stress. Our tips will help you to keep stress out of the bedroom and fall asleep carefree.


7) Mexico 

In Mexico, the hammock is one of the most widely produced products. That's because Mexicans like to sleep in hammocks. A sleeping habit that has lasted for centuries. We secretly prefer sleeping in our Ergosleep® bed that fully supports our body.

Crazy places to sleep

We have listed some foreign sleeping habits, but there are also some crazy places to spend the night. Maybe you have slept on the floor, or do you like to sleep on the sofa, for example? Discover the pros and cons of falling asleep on the sofa. Other funny places to sleep include on the train, on the plane, in a helicopter, in an igloo or even in a crane or tree house. Anything is possible! Maybe you can choose an original sleeping place for your next holiday?