Conditions of guarantee

Conditions of guarantee 

Art. 1 General

The following guarantee provisions are without prejudice to the statutory rights of the consumer on the purchase of consumer goods. We guarantee the quality of the Ergosleep® products under the following conditions and limitations. We commit ourselves to replace or repair the mattress and/or base which may exhibit potential manufacturing defects or faulty materials up to 5 years after the invoice date. However certain product defects are explicitly excluded from this guarantee. They are named in Art. 6.

Art. 2 Subject of the guarantee

These guarantee provisions only relate to defects arising from construction and/or workmanship errors.

Art. 3 The guarantee

3.1. If, during normal use of the mattress or base, a complaint should arise as a result of a material- or manufacturing fault within two years after the invoice date, we guarantee the full cost of repair or replacement.

3.2. After 2 years a degressive reduction in value is taken into account regarding replacement or repair because of the use of the product. You pay a contribution in accordance with the following table, plus freight- and administration costs.

Time span since delivery - You pay

After 2 years - 40 %

After 3 years - 60 %

After 4 years - 80 %

After 5 years - guarantee no longer valid

3.3. The guarantee with regards to construction- and workmanship of engines is valid for two years.

Art. 4 Repair of the defect

We will, depending on the circumstances, offer you the repair free of charge or replacement of the goods when covered by the guarantee. If the repair or replacement is impossible or it is disproportionate with regards to the value of the goods, an alternative reparation, such as a replacement with a similar product or a financial compensation can be proposed.

Art. 5 Equivalent model

If the product cannot be repaired nor be replaced by a product of exactly the same model, a similar product of equal value can be supplied.

Art. 6 Not covered by the guarantee

• Normal wear and discolouration of covers and cotton.

• Normal wear and tear on spare parts such as batteries, controls and the like.

• Mould formation (the development of mould on mattresses is due to conditions of use, namely use in a poorly ventilated or damp area).

• Normal wear and tear to mattress or the base by use: the rigidity of the mattress reduces naturally. This can lead to a height loss of up to 15% or a loss of hardness up to 20% of the mattress core. It is also entirely normal that the stitching materials in the mattress cover can be compressed up to 65% of their initial thickness because of use. These phenomena are therefore not covered by the warranty.

• Wear and tear and/or defects caused by misuse or improper use or maintenance or due to special use that has not been made known by the consumer at the time of purchase. English

• Damage due to poor ventilation, sagging, inappropriate or poorly placed mattress support.

• Damage resulting from use of violence, overload, incompetent repairs and/or modifications resulting from actions performed by the purchaser or by third parties (for example: prolonged folding of the mattress).

• Urine-, blood stains or other visible grime.

• Visible manufacturing defects or defects that could have been promptly identified upon delivery.

Art. 7 Proof

Should you have a complaint, you can contact the authorized dealer where you purchased your mattress or bed base with the original invoice and the product label. The mattress needs to be in an immaculate condition.

Art. 8 Transport

The product should be properly packed when sent back; this is to avoid contamination or damage during transport. If the product is badly packed or not at all when returned, all guarantee claims will be null and void.

Art. 9 Repairs guarantee

The fact that mattress or bedbase gets repaired or replaced does not change the duration of the guarantee. The original invoice date is always the guarantee’s starting date.