Tips for a better night’s sleep when the days are hot - Part I

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The sun is coming out again and we enjoy soaking up the rays during the day. But at night, we are not fans of high temperatures. We are clammy and don't get a wink of sleep. It may seem impossible to keep your bedroom cool, but it's not. With our tips, you’ll be in dreamland in no time, even on hot days.


1) Choose the right bedding 

A nice warm duvet is wonderful in the winter, but in the summer, you can safely store it in the closet. It is better to opt for a thin summer duvet that feels light and airy. You may even prefer to sleep without sheets, but it's better not to. It is best to put a sheet over you, so your body does not cool down too much at night. A thin cotton sheet without a duvet is the ideal solution. Cotton is not only a fabric that feels fresh, it also allows heat to pass through. Using nightwear made from natural materials can also keep you cool. 


2) Open your windows at the right time

To keep the heat out as much as possible, good blinds are essential. As tempting as it may be to open your windows for a breeze, keep the curtains and shutters closed during the day. The warm air from outside won’t make it cooler inside. Only in the evening when it is colder outside than inside, is it a good idea to open the windows. If possible, it is best to open more than one window to create a lovely fresh breeze. 


3) Switch off all electrical appliances

Electrical appliances give off heat and that's exactly what you want to avoid. Try to turn off as many appliances as possible, especially in the bedroom. Even when appliances are plugged in without being used, they provide extra heat. In any case, if you want to fall asleep quickly, it’s better not to put your mobile phone or laptop in the bedroom. Do you sleep in a studio and close to the kitchen? Try to cook as little as possible before bedtime and opt for a fresh salad instead. 


4) Put a glass of water on your nightstand

Drinking enough water during the day is very important. In a previous blog article, we’ve mentioned the benefits of drinking water just after getting up. But also at night, you can’t go without a glass of water either. On hot days, your body tries to cool itself down, causing you to sweat. When the sweat evaporates, your skin and body temperature cools. If you don’t drink enough water during the day, you will sweat less, and your body will not be able to cool down. So when you wake up at night from the heat, drinking a glass of water can work wonders. 


5) No spooning on hot days

Even if you like to cuddle up to fall asleep, it's best not to do so on hot days. Sleeping apart and agreeing to keep to your side of the bed, is the best thing. This way you give your body the chance to cool down. Extra tip: spread your arms and legs so that the air can circulate better around your body. 


6) Avoid alcoholic beverages

You probably already know that alcohol has a negative impact on your sleep. A refreshing aperitif can be quite tasty on a hot summer evening. But that nice cold beer or your favourite cocktail are not as innocent as they seem. Alcohol dilates the blood vessels and makes you feel hot. It is, therefore, better to replace your aperitif with an alcohol-free version. You can also drink lukewarm beverages such as tea. It may sound strange, but when you drink something warm, your brain receives a signal which tells your body that it needs to cool down. 


7) Choose cold meals over hot ones

We already gave the tip to choose a salad instead of cooking hot dishes. Not only will the temperature in the room heat up when you cook, your body will also warm up when you eat hot food. Would you like to eat something other than a salad and are you able to cook outside? Then just fire up that barbecue and enjoy! 


These tips will help you avoid turning your bedroom into a sauna. Need more tips? Then be sure to read part 2 of this blog 'Tips for a better night’s sleep when the days are hot - Part II'.

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