Are you looking for the perfect bed? At Ergosleep®, you can choose between a box spring and a bed frame. Do you prefer a headboard with clean lines, luxurious buttons or a smooth finish? And which upholstery appeals to you: a woven fabric, silky velvet or faux leather? Or will you go for timeless grey, striking bright red, or something in between? At Ergosleep®, the choice is yours!

Why a box spring?

Another word for a box spring combination is a ‘hotel bed’. In fact, this type of bed is standard in the better hotel rooms. Not surprisingly, because a box spring offers great advantages on several levels. After all, a box spring is comfortable, ventilating, stylish and higher than a regular bed.

The box spring is an alternative to a traditional slatted base. Coinciding with this solid base is a mattress, often covered in the same fabric as the box spring to create a uniform look. For added comfort and to protect the mattress, a mattress topper is usually used. A thin top mattress, which is covered with a fitted sheet. This will keep the mattress fresh and clean.

Why a bed frame?

A bed frame provides the ideal setting for your nightly journey to dreamland. Into this frame you’ll embed a carefully chosen slatted base, which you can adjust to your own comfort.

While technically you can put together a bed with just a mattress and a slatted base on legs, almost everyone adds a bed frame for aesthetic reasons. The selection of the bed frame has a significant impact on the style of your bedroom. It adds a touch of personality and harmony to the space where you prefer peace and quiet.

Complete your bedroom

If you want to transform your bedroom into a haven of peace, it is essential to ensure ultimate sleeping comfort. You achieve this not only by having an attractively designed bed, but especially with a bed of exquisite quality. In addition to a high-quality bed base or slatted base combined with a mattress, your pillow also plays a crucial role in achieving the ideal sleeping position. To complete it all, you can decorate your bedroom with beautiful bed textiles and accessories, including an ottoman bench, bedside tables and reading lights.

Buying a bed at Ergosleep®

At Ergosleep®, you can compose your ideal bed according to your sleeping preferences. We offer a wide range of box springs, upholstered bed frames and headboards in various styles, colours and sizes. So you will definitely find a bed frame that suits you. Get inspired online, then come and see the possibilities at an Ergosleep® shop near you. We are ready to help you find your dream bed. And if you're looking for the perfect slatted base or mattress, use our high-tech measurement to map out your personal SLEEP DNA® in just 8 minutes. Welcome to Ergosleep®!