Choosing a mattress: get measured!  

What is a good mattress? What fits for you may not be ideal for your partner. So first, have your SLEEP DNA® determined for free at an Ergosleep® shop. Then you are already sure about the right support.

Ergosleep® then offers you this support in a range of mattresses that differ from each other in composition, materials and, therefore, budget. You can come and test and experience the full range at an Ergosleep® shop near you. 

Single or double mattress 

You will find both single mattresses and double mattresses at Ergosleep®. Sometimes the choice is obvious because you have a single bed, for example. But often there are several options. In a wider bed, even from 140cm wide, you can opt for one large mattress or two single ones. That depends on the personal wishes, needs and sleeping habits of you and your partner. You can even combine two different types of single mattresses in a double bed. 

A hard or a soft mattress 

Do you prefer to sleep on a hard or on a soft mattress? What is ideal for one person may not feel comfortable at all for another. Someone with a heavy, broad build, for example, will lie better on a more firm mattress. This is why it is so important to start by measuring your SLEEP DNA®. This way, you know exactly which mattress profile suits your body! No more trying out dozens of mattresses. The SLEEP DNA® measurement gives you certainty. You can have it done in just 8 minutes at any Ergosleep® shop.   


Mattresses in different materials 

The core of a mattress can be made of different materials. Each material has different properties. So you are sure to find one that suits your comfort needs, wishes and budget.  

Mattress with pocket springs 

A mattress with pocket springs is typically used in combination with a box spring. On the inside, a pocket spring mattress has coil springs covered with a layer of foam or latex. The whole thing is then surrounded by the mattress cover. The individual springs move dynamically with your body so it remains well supported at all times. 

Mattress with cold foam core  

Cold foam or HR foam is a popular material for mattresses. Mattresses with a cold foam core are durable and comfortable. They are very suitable if you like a firm mattress. At the same time, the material is well ventilating and resilient, thanks to its open cell structure. The name "cold foam" may give the impression that it is cold to the touch, but in reality the term only refers to this material's method of production. 

Mattress with a memory foam core 

Memory foam is a special PU foam that assumes the shape of your body when you lie down on the mattress. After getting up, your mattress takes a while to return to its original shape - hence the material's name. Memory foam feels warmer than some other materials, which can be a disadvantage for some. In addition, you cannot move as easily in your sleep because you sink into your mattress a bit. This is why Ergosleep® does not include memory foam mattresses in its product range. 

Mattress with natural latex core 

Natural latex is a very flexible material, which is why mattresses with a natural latex core feel extremely comfortable. The natural material cannot be equated with synthetic latex. While the latter is a lot cheaper, it ventilates very poorly. Natural latex, like Talalay latex, has an open cell structure that allows air to easily pass through the mattress and, therefore, ventilates well. The Ergosleep® latex mattresses are always made of natural latex. 

Why invest in a good mattress? 

A healthy night's sleep is worth its weight in gold - no one likes to get out of bed feeling exhausted in the morning. A mattress is not a medicine, but it can prevent a lot of physical complaints. In any case, if your mattress doesn't fit your body, you won't sleep so well, and over time you may experience (more) pain in your back or joints. So treat yourself to a good quality mattress! Even within the quality range, prices can still vary greatly. Look at the possibilities and choose according to your comfort. All the Ergosleep® mattresses are of high quality. Perfect for 10 years of good and healthy sleep. 

Maintenance and durability of your mattress 

Regular maintenance is important to keep your mattress clean and in shape for as long as possible. This always involves three basic guidelines: protect, air and rotate. With a mattress protector and a fitted sheet, you can avoid stains and damage. You don't have to wash the mattress protector as often as the fitted sheet. It is best to wash it every week. 

Ventilation is also very important for a hygienic sleeping environment. So never make your bed immediately after getting up. Much better to lay your duvet completely open and open your window every morning. Make it a habit to do that while you shower and get dressed.  

Another healthy routine is to flip your mattress every three months. You can also make that a regular routine by turning your mattress at the start of every new season. Ergosleep® mattresses have a handy season indicator that will help you to remember which side to sleep on during which season. By turning your mattress regularly, the load is more evenly spread, so it will stay resilient and fresh for a longer period of time. A quality mattress that you maintain properly can last at least 10 years. What about mattresses that you supposedly "don't have to turn"? These are only finished with a comfort layer on one side, in order to keep the price lower. So over time, these mattresses will suffer from pitting much faster. So don't be trapped and always choose a reversible mattress.  

Buying a new mattress 

Does your mattress need replacement and do you want to indulge yourself with a really good mattress on which you will sleep wonderfully? The Ergosleep® mattresses are synonymous with a good and healthy night's sleep and come in all sizes. Still unsure about which type of mattress is the best choice for you? Visit an Ergosleep® shop for bespoke advice. We will be happy to help you find the ideal mattress based on your personal SLEEP DNA®. In just 8 minutes, our free sleep test maps out your body's pressure points so you know exactly which solutions are perfect for you. Welcome!