Tips for a better night’s sleep when the days are hot - Part II

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Have you recently had a bad night’s sleep because of the high temperatures? You're not the only one who tosses and turns in bed when temperatures soar. We’ve already given tips to keep the heat out of your bedroom. With this blog, we want to help you keep your body fresh and cool.


1) Do NOT sleep naked

Let's start with what you shouldn't do: sleep naked. Perhaps in this hot weather, you prefer not to crawl under the sheets but sleep completely naked. However, sleeping naked is not the best idea, because even if it is over 30 degrees Celsius, your body cools down at night. By sleeping naked, you will get cold and wake up with stiff muscles. Therefore, choose light pyjamas that ensure better sweat absorption. This will help regulate your body temperature and allow you to sleep through the night.

2) Take a hot shower just before going to sleep

A refreshing shower can be incredibly beneficial after a hot day, but it is better to take a hot or lukewarm shower before going to bed. It sounds a bit crazy, but the cold water makes it harder for you to dissipate your internal heat. After a cold shower, your body also tries to warm itself up again to reach body temperature, resulting in a sweaty fit. That is why it is better to shower with warm or lukewarm water. The warm water opens up your blood vessels and makes it easier for you to lose body heat. Ideal for going to bed with a cooled body.

3) Keep your bedding in the fridge

Have you ever thought of putting your cotton sheets in the fridge? Fold your bedding and put it in a plastic bag to protect it from odours. Just before you go to sleep, take the sheets out of the fridge. This will give you a fresh feeling to fall asleep. It's also a good idea to keep your pillow cool because you lose most of the heat through your head. For example, you can take a cool pack from the freezer and put it under your pillow just before you go to sleep. This way, you can turn your pillow over every time it gets too hot.

4) Invest in a fan or (DIY) air-conditioning

If you really can't sleep because of the heat, then it’s a good idea to invest in an air conditioner or fan. Do you already have a fan? Then you can easily turn it into a DIY air conditioner by placing frozen water bottles in front of it. The air that is blown past the cold bottles will feel wonderfully fresh. Just make sure you place the bottles in a container or put towels under them. Once the water in the bottles has melted, they will begin to drip from the outside.

5) Take a cold foot bath before going to bed

Are you so hot that you don't know what to do with yourself? Then put a bucket of cold water next to your bed to dip your feet in. If you can, add some ice cubes to make the water as cold as possible. When your feet are cool, it often works for your entire body. Instant cooling, guaranteed! What can also help is to put a towel under a cold tap, and then place it around your neck. Be sure to squeeze the towel well so that it is not soaking wet, but just damp.


6) Additional refreshing remedies

We also have some small remedies to make your body a little cooler. For example, put your plant sprayer with cold water on your bedside table. Every time you get too hot, you can spray fresh water over you. Or have you already thought about sleeping outside in the hammock, as is the custom in Mexico? But if you don't have a hammock, the following tip may still help you. You can easily lower the temperature by hanging your wet laundry in the bedroom. Placing the wet laundry in front of an open window will make the air in the room cool and humid.


7) A well-ventilated mattress works wonders    

Investing in a good bed can also help you fall asleep. A quality mattress can do wonders to regulate your body temperature. When choosing the right mattress, you should not only think about comfort, but also about the right materials. If you tend to get too hot in bed quickly, it is best to choose a pocket mattress. Such a mattress consists of springs that are all individually packed. That's why our Ergosleep® pocket mattresses have exceptional ventilation, which ensures a cooler feeling.


8) Need more tips?  

Are you curious to know more tips to sleep better during a heat wave? We will help you to take precautions to keep the heat out of the bedroom.
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