Ergosleep® mattresses

Ergosleep® mattresses

Discover the range of personalised  Ergosleep® mattresses

Which mattress you need is determined by your SLEEP DNA® 

Ergosleep® mattresses

SLEEP DNA® in mattresses

The Ergosleep® mattress works in addition to the bed base. Together, they provide 100% support and comfort. Don't worry, the SLEEP DNA® measurement ensures that we know exactly which personalised mattress you need.
So no more testing dozens of mattresses where after the third one, you’ve forgotten what the first one felt like.
Your SLEEP DNA® measurement gives you certainty.

The customisation of your mattress is determined by 2 parameters

  • The zoning: The zones of each mattress are adapted to the zones of your body (head/neck, shoulders, lumbar region, hips and legs). Your SLEEP DNA® will also highlight whether additional lumbar support is needed.
  • The comfort: Do you need a soft, medium or firm mattress? Your SLEEP DNA® measurement determines the comfort and, therefore, the firmness of the different zones in your mattress.

Do you choose a pocket spring mattress or a latex mattress?

The profile of your mattress is known from your SLEEP DNA® measurement. At Ergosleep®, you can then choose from 5 different pocket spring mattresses and 2 latex mattresses.

Do you choose a pocket spring mattress or a latex mattress?

Pocket mattress

  • Pocket springs are barrel-shaped and are made from high-quality steel wire.
  • All springs are individually packed in pockets that are anchored together in the middle.
  • The mattresses differ from each other by the finishing layer and the number of springs.
Do you choose a pocket spring mattress or a latex mattress?

Latex mattress

  • Ergosleep® only uses natural latex for its mattresses.
  • Latex has special resilience and point elasticity.
  • Latex is antifungal, antibacterial and anti-dust mite.

Pocket springs or latex? What are the advantages and disadvantages?