Bed frames

A bed frame for your slatted base: beautiful and stylish  

With a bed frame, you create a bed according to your own style. Choose the material, upholstery and colour you want. You will find a very wide range at Ergosleep®. 

The prices you see below are all prices for double bed sets. This means the price of the upholstered bed frame + headboard, including two P1 slatted bases and two P400 mattresses. 

Get to work with the configurator to compose your own bed and take your configuration to an Ergosleep® shop near you!

What is a bed frame for?

The bed frame alone does not make a bed. To have a bed, you also place a slatted base and a mattress in the bed frame. You can choose between a non-adjustable, manually adjustable or electronically adjustable slatted base.  
In principle, you can also build a bed with just a mattress and a slatted base on legs. But since appearances also count, almost everyone adds a bed frame. Which bed frame you choose depends on your taste. Your bed largely determines the style of your bedroom, so with a bed frame you can really make it into something beautiful. A headboard completes it all. 

Styles and materials

Wooden bed frame

Do you like a natural style or Scandinavian style in your bedroom? Then a wooden bed frame will definitely be a good match for you. A wooden bed frame looks light and soothing and is easy to maintain. There’s also a lot of variety within the range of wooden bed frames. Wide or narrow, light or dark, with or without a headboard...there’s something for everyone. Depending on the shape, your wooden bed frame will look sleek and modern, sturdy or elegant. 

Upholstered bed frame

An upholstered bed frame adds a touch of sophistication to your bed. It gives it the warm, luxurious look of a box spring. The type of fabric, the colour and the shape of the frame give your upholstered bed frame a very individual look. The headboard is also very important when it comes to style. Classic or sleek, light or more voluminous? Everything is possible. With a matching bedside table, footboard and ottoman bench, you can create a real hotel atmosphere in your home.

What size should I choose for my bed frame?

The bed frame goes together with your slatted base and mattress. Together they form your bed. Above all, it should be long and wide enough for you to lie comfortably, alone or with your partner. It is, therefore, very important to make your bed and bed frame spacious enough. For the length, the advice is to take at least 20 centimetres more than the largest person using the bed. In terms of width, it is best to consider your sleeping habits. If you tend to get too warm easily or if you prefer to have as much sleeping space as possible, choose a wider bed. 
Of course your new bed, including the bed frame, should also fit in your bedroom. If there’s hardly any space left around the bed, it’s not very practical to make it. So, also in this light, you determine the dimensions for your bed frame. Looking for a double bed? In an extra-large bedroom, you can go for an extra spacious bed of 180cm or even 200cm wide. If that is too tight, it’s better to get a bed with a classic width of 160cm or a so-called queen-size bed of 140cm wide. In terms of length, 200cm is the standard, but depending on your comfort you can also opt for 210cm or 220cm. Remember that a headboard also takes up more space in your bedroom. 

The most commonly chosen dimensions for bed frames are:

bed frame 180x200, 180x210, 180x220 
bed frame 160x200, 160x210, 160x220 
bed frame 140x200, 140x210, 140x220 
bed frame 120x200, 120x210, 120x220 
bed frame 90x200, 90x210, 90x220 

Which combination of bed frame with slatted base and mattress?

The dimensions of your slatted base(s) and bed frame should always match. In a bed frame that is wide enough for 2 people, you can put in 2 slatted bases. So for a 140x200cm queen-size bed, you can choose between two 70x200cm slatted bases or one 140x200cm slatted base. You can then place two 70x200cm mattresses or one large 140x200cm mattress. For a 200x200cm wide bed, you need two 100x200cm slatted bases. However, you can choose between one 200x200cm mattress or two 100x200cm single mattresses.  

Give it that perfect finish

Do you dream of a bedroom where you sleep wonderfully and where everything fits together perfectly? Ensure optimal sleeping comfort with a sleeping solution that looks good and is of good quality. In addition to a good slatted base and mattress, your pillow will also ensure an ideal sleeping position. Make your bedroom picture-perfect with beautiful bed textiles and accessories such as an ottoman bench, bedside tables and reading lights. 

A bed frame from Ergosleep®

At Ergosleep®, you can compose your bed according to your sleeping preferences. We offer a very wide range of upholstered bed frames and headboards in all possible styles, colours and sizes. So you will definitely find a bed frame that suits you. Get inspired online. Then come and experience the possibilities in person at an Ergosleep® shop near you. We will be happy to help you find your dream bed. Are you also looking for your ideal slatted base or mattress? In just 8 minutes, our high-tech measurement will map out your personal SLEEP DNA®. The beginning of a lifetime of healthy sleep. Welcome!