Box springs

With a box spring, you transform your bedroom into a haven of peace with a lovely hotel atmosphere. A box spring, combined with a good mattress, is therefore elegant, stylish and super comfortable. At Ergosleep®, you are guaranteed to find a comfortable and beautiful box spring that matches your bedroom interior and sleeping needs. In every style, you can choose from different mattress combinations and all kinds of options for upholstery, colours and headboards. 

What is a box spring? 

The word 'box spring' literally means a ‘box of springs’. Indeed, a box spring is a solid wooden box that holds metal coil springs. The inside is not visible because the box is always covered with a solid upholstery, usually in a woven fabric but sometimes in imitation leather or velvet. The box spring itself is the alternative to a slatted base. So you combine it with a mattress that is perfectly aligned to it. If you wish, you can put a topper (a thinner top mattress) on top of the mattress, which you protect with a fitted sheet. This keeps the mattress itself clean. 

The advantages of a box spring 

Another word for a box spring combination is a ‘hotel bed’. In fact, this type of bed is standard in the better hotel rooms. Not surprisingly, because a box spring offers great advantages on several levels: 


A box spring provides perfect support and is suitable for everyone. At Ergosleep®, you can choose the box spring and mattress that best suits your body. Feel free to visit a dealer to have your SLEEP DNA® measured. 


Thanks to the open inner structure of the box spring, the air can easily circulate, so you don’t get too hot and perspiration is easily eliminated. Extra hygienic and good for your night’s sleep! 


The upholstery gives the box spring a very luxurious appearance and creates that typical hotel look. There are different types of upholstery in all sorts of colours, from neutral to bright, so you can tailor your box spring to your own style. 

Fully customisable 

In addition to the upholstery, you have other options to give your box spring the look you’ve always imagined: legs, a footboard or a headboard available in different materials, colours, shapes and styles. Sleek and modern, luxurious or natural? You choose.  

Higher than an ordinary bed 

A box spring is usually higher than a normal bed with a slatted base. This makes it extra easy to get in and out of bed. Making or changing the bed is also a lot more comfortable and ergonomic.  

For all mattresses 

A box spring can be combined with all types of mattresses. Combining it with a pocket-spring mattress gives your body optimal support.  

Different dimensions 

You will find box springs in all sizes. Extra wide or extra long, or maybe you prefer a narrower box spring because you have little space? Anything is possible. A box spring does not have a bed frame. So, if you don't add a headboard and footboard, the complete bed is not bigger than the size of your mattress. In smaller rooms, this can definitely be an advantage.  

Long lifespan 

A good quality box spring will easily last 20 to 25 years. If you use a topper, you can replace it in between. It is best to do this after about five years. 


Maintaining the upholstery of your box spring 

The fixed upholstery of a box spring can scare some people off, because how do you keep it clean? Bear in mind that box springs are typical for hotel rooms, where a spotless interior should be provided. So, it is not that difficult to maintain a box spring perfectly. 

Before you buy a box spring, it is best to consider your family composition and lifestyle. For example, do you have small children who like to bring breakfast to bed? Or can the dog or cat lie on the foot end? Then you probably shouldn't choose fabric upholstery in a very light colour. Velvet can also be a bit tricky. Faux leather or a fabric in a darker shade may be better options.  

In any case, regular maintenance is important to keep the upholstery in top condition. This means vacuuming the upholstery at least every week and wiping it with a slightly damp cloth every 14 days. You can also protect the fabric with a stain spray. Already stained? Always use a non-aggressive cleaning product suitable for textiles. If necessary, you can also use a specialised cleaning company. 

Single or double box spring 

Just like slatted bases, box springs come in different widths: single box springs, double box springs or so-called 'three-quarter beds' with a width of 120 or 140 cm. The length also varies. Those who are tall are better off choosing a longer size of 210 or even 220 cm. At Ergosleep®, you don’t pay extra charge for this! 

Did you know you can combine two single box spring sets into one double by using special connecting legs? That way, you and your partner do not disturb each other's sleep. You lie in bed together but still each on their own box spring. 

Electrically adjustable box springs 

An electrically adjustable box spring is the ultimate in comfort. You will find box springs with one to four motors. In the version with four motors, you can adjust not only the back section and the leg section, but you can also customise the position of your head and knees. You do this very easily with a remote control so you can sit upright in bed reading or watching TV. Do you suffer from poor circulation? Then you can position the leg section a little higher for sleeping. 

Is an electrically adjustable box spring not for you? Then just opt for a fixed, non-adjustable box spring. Such a box spring is also more budget-friendly while still ensuring sleeping comfort. 

Box spring sets to suit your style and sleeping preferences 

A box spring is always a good investment in your sleeping comfort. Go for quality so you can enjoy it for at least 20 years. With a box spring from Ergosleep®, you will certainly succeed. Make it easier for yourself and go for a box spring set where you buy a box spring, mattress and accessories from Ergosleep® together in one combination. It’s cheaper than buying the base and mattress separately. Within the boxspring sets, you can choose from different widths and lengths and also choose the headboard, bed legs and upholstery colour.  


A box spring from Ergosleep® 

Would you like to know more about the box springs from Ergosleep®? Have a look at the range online and visit an Ergosleep® shop. We will be happy to help you make your choice. To find out which box spring and mattress suit you best, we measure your SLEEP DNA®. In just 8 minutes, we map out your body's pressure points. So make an appointment now for a measurement of your SLEEP DNA®.