Slatted bases

Slatted base: the basis for a good night's sleep

A slatted bed base is the most commonly used type of bed base. That is why slatted bases are available in all possible sizes and types, whether manually or electronically adjustable. The price of a slatted base can also vary greatly. Still, it’s best to choose a good-quality slatted base that supports your body adequately. Moreover, you can adjust an Ergosleep® slatted base to fit your SLEEP DNA®. In this way, you are completely sure of optimum sleeping comfort. 

Which is more important: the mattress or the slatted base? 

Did you think that only the mattress defines your sleeping comfort? Then you would be wrong: a firm but flexible slatted base is equally important. In fact, it’s precisely the combination of a mattress and the slatted base that supports your body in the right way. Since we spend about a third of our lives in bed, it is best to choose a sleeping system that helps you wake up rested.  

The advantages of a slatted base

For any budget

You can find slatted bases for any budget, although it is better not to opt for the cheapest one. Even within the high-quality slatted base range, prices can vary considerably. This depends, for example, on the adjustability. 

To be combined with any mattress

Slatted bases can be combined with all types of mattresses: cold foam, memory foam or latex. Choose your mattress according to your sleeping needs.  

Light and breathable

A slatted base is relatively easy to handle and fits into any room. The slatted structure ensures sufficient ventilation under your mattress. 

All sizes

You can find a slatted base in any size you want. Single, double, in between, extra wide or a bit longer... There’s a suitable slatted base for every bed, every room and every body type. 

Flexible solution for every style

You can easily combine a slatted base with a bed frame that matches your interior. The possibilities are endless. Would you rather keep it simple or is your space limited? Then you can simply put your slatted base on legs. 

Storage space under your bed

Under a bed with a slatted base you can fit a drawer to store bed linen, for example. Convenient and space-saving. 

Easy to maintain

You can easily remove a slatted base from the bed frame to give everything a thorough vacuum and clean.

Adjustable or fixed slatted bases  

A fixed slatted base can support your body perfectly if it’s of good quality. In principle, a non-adjustable slatted base offers sufficient sleeping comfort. Are you looking for something extra? Maybe you have physical complaints such as restless legs, poor blood circulation, snoring or reflux. Or you spend a lot of time in bed because you are ill, or you like to sit under your duvet reading or watching Netflix. Either way, there’s always a reason to opt for an adjustable slatted base. A quality adjustable slatted base will give you years of pleasure. Within the adjustable slatted bases range, you also have the choice between manually adjustable slatted bases and electronically adjustable slatted bases. The latter are the epitome of comfort: with a simple push of a button, you adjust your bed to the desired position. With the leg zone slightly higher or with the back section in a sitting position, for example.  

Two slatted bases in a double bed

"Do you and your partner have different wishes when it comes to sleeping comfort? Or do you tend to keep each other awake by tossing and turning at night? Then put together a double bed with two single slatted bases and two single mattresses on top. With a double fitted sheet, you can bridge the dreaded 'gap' between the two mattresses.  
You can also combine two separately electronically adjustable slatted bases into a double bed. This way, each partner can control his or her own side. In that case, you put a 'split topper fitted sheet' over the two single mattresses. This is a fitted sheet with a 'split' in the middle so you can still adjust the two slatted bases separately. You can find this type of split topper fitted sheets in the Kayori range. "

What size do I choose for my slatted base?

Are you looking for a new slatted base? Then it's best to take several factors into account: 

The bed frame

Your bed frame is mainly a matter of taste. You will find bed frames in wood or fabric, in all shapes and colours. The size of the bed frame should, of course, match the size of your slatted base(s). 

The available space

Not every bedroom is the same size. So, an extra-large bed will not fit into every space. By opting for a narrow bed frame or even just putting your slatted base on legs, you can still go for the biggest possible slatted base and mattress.

Your body type

Do you have a slightly wider build or are you or your partner taller than average? Then be sure to choose a wider or longer slatted base if you have room for it. In that case, the duvet measurements should also be a bit wider. There's nothing more annoying than waking up with cold feet hanging out of the bed... 

Your budget

Never economise on your sleeping comfort. Within the better slatted bases, you have enough variations in price to fit your budget. At  Ergosleep®, you are assured of high quality. Everything for a good night's sleep! 

Do you already have a bed frame? Even then, there are still various combinations possible with slatted bases and mattresses. For example, you can combine a 140cm wide 'queen-size bed' with two 70cm wide slatted bases. Or you can opt for one 140cm wide slatted base on which you place one large mattress or two separate mattresses. A bed frame of 200 by 200cm should be combined with two slatted bases of 100 by 200cm. On these bases, you can place a mattress of 200 by 200cm, or two single mattresses of 100 by 200cm.

A slatted base from Ergosleep®

The slatted bases at Ergosleep® are available in all possible sizes: from 70x190cm for the smallest to even 140x220cm for the largest. So, you will definitely find a bed frame that suits you. Moreover, our slatted bed bases are all available in a fixed and a - manually or electronically - adjustable version.  

Do you need advice?

With the right slatted base, you can give your body optimal support. Therefore, it's best to pay enough attention to the selection of your slatted base, in combination with a good mattress. We will be happy to help you make the best choice. Visit an Ergosleep® shop near you for free advice and a free measurement of your personal SLEEP DNA®. In just 8 minutes, you’ll discover which sleeping solution suits you best.